Previous Work

Since 1986, the Friendship Link has facilitated the following work in the El Viejo municipality.

  • Arranged visits by people of El Viejo to Norwich and Norwich people to El Viejo
  • Arranged visits by people of El Viejo to Norwich and Norwich people to El Viejo
  • Arranged a visit to Norwich of the El Viejo under 12 football team to take part in the Canary Cup, an international youth tournament organised by Norwich City FC.
  • At various times, sponsored seven Nicaraguan students to study English at the Bell School.
  • Sent consignments of medical supplies and education materials to the Health Centres and schools in El Viejo.
  • Sent a consignment of bicycles to El Viejo.
  • Supplied material to AMNLAE, the Nicaraguan Women’s organisation.
  • Provided a water supply to a new barrio in El Viejo.• Funded the re-roofing of the Secondary School.
  • Paid for irrigation equipment for a women’s agricultural project.
  • Provided furniture for a Special School.
  • Provided rotating loans for women’s co-operatives for a banana growing project, two sesame seed projects, and a mini enterprise scheme for unemployed women.
  • Provided financial assistance to buy books for a school library.
  • Funded the rehabilitation of the El Viejo covered market.
  • Raised over £11,500 for relief of victims of hurricane Mitch.
  • Co-funded the development of a new settlement named ‘Norwich’ providing housing etc., for 42 families who lost their homes in hurricane Mitch.
  • Provided roofing materials for a group of 17 families.
  • Provided funds which matched with the local council enabled the building of two new classrooms.
  • Provided materials to enable the schools to create their own gardens – the food is used to supplement government rations provide for lunches at the schools and to teach the children how to grow their own food.
  • Co-funded with the local council for El Viejo, the building of two new classrooms with a roof and walls to replace a single open sided structure.
  • Provided all our schools with a computer as they requested so teachers can access teaching materials in the local internet café to use in lessons.
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