The Norfolk & Norfolk El Viejo Friendship Link was established in 1986 following the popular overthrow of the Somoza dictatorship in Nicaragua which had ruled the country for 30 years. The aim of the Link is to provide friendship and encouragement to a country trying to build up democratic forms of government.

The Link is a voluntary, membership-based body open to individuals and organisations. It is democratic and meetings are held each month at City Hall in Norwich.

An important development in 1999 was the decision by Norwich City Council to add El Viejo to the existing list of formal civic twinnings, with Rouen in France, Koblenz in Germany, and Novi Sad in Serbia. The Link is recognised as the official organisation for the operation of the civic twinning with El Viejo.

The Link is affiliated to the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign, the national organisation linked to Nicaragua.

What We Do

The activities that the Link undertakes are set out in the objects contained in the Link’s constitution. They are;

  1. The advancement of education for the public benefit. In particular but not exclusively, the provision of scholarships to children from poor families in El Viejo and by raising awareness of the needs of Nicaragua and its peoples and in particular the needs of El Viejo and its peoples.
  2. The relief of sickness and the preservation of health among people residing permanently or temporarily in El Viejo, Nicaragua, in particular but not exclusively through the provision of projects relating to improving water supply, drainage and housing, support for general health provision, health education and research into local health issues.
  3. The relief of financial hardship among people residing permanently or temporarily in El Viejo, Nicaragua, by providing such persons with goods/services which they could not otherwise afford through lack of means.

Support Us

Just £25 keeps a child in school for a year. A donation of just £2 per month covers most of this cost.

£5 per month would give more hope and opportunity to improve lives.


Become a Link Supporter and help us to keep 200 children in school. Your money provides the bags, books and equipment needed that their families who may be earning as little as $1 a day cannot afford. The schools have a small sum to buy educational and cleaning materials and we employ a local person to run this project for us with a committee of teachers made up from each of the schools our children attend.
The Link works with eight schools in the poor areas of Norwich’s twin city of El Viejo in Nicaragua. We fund 200 scholarships each year to provide primary education to children from poor families who would not be able to go to school without our help.

Become a member

The link is always ready to welcome new members. You can join by completing the Member Application Form, and sending it to the Link treasurer at the address shown on the form. Membership by standing order is recommended to provide a more certain and steady income for the Link.
We are a registered charity. Our charity number is 1156787. This means you can use Gift Aid to boost your donation. If you can, please complete the Gift Aid Form and send it with your Member Application Form to the Link Treasurer. This means we can claim an extra 25p for every pound you donate at no extra cost to you.
Your support will be much appreciated.


You may prefer to make a one-off or recurring donation to our Vigin Money Giving fundraising page.