The Norwich Settlement

In 1998 Hurricane Mitch, one of the strongest hurricanes ever experienced, devastated the area along the borders between Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua. Many people were killed and there was widespread destruction of homes. Just a few miles from El Viejo a crater lake in the extinct volcano of Las Casitas burst and the resulting deluge killed many people in the village of Poseltega. In El Viejo 42 families who lived near the river lost everything when their homes were washed away.

The Link organised a relief fund and raised over US$20,000 and, in partnership with the local Council in El Viejo, co-funded the replacement of their homes on a new site outside the city. The families, in gratitude for the help from the people of Norwich decided to name their new settlement ‘Norwich’ in recognition of the support they received. The settlement also included a small school.

In 2007, as the result of overcrowding at the school at the settlement, the Link funded the construction of a new classroom at the school.

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