Proposed work

The School Garden Project

The latest project under consideration by the Link concerns a proposal to encourage the schools in the scholarship project to create gardens within their grounds to grow produce that can used in the preparation of school meals or sold in the local market. The object is to give the children experience of growing useful plants and to understand the benefits of good nutrition. In addition to this practical aspect, the project also proposes to commission or obtain teaching material for use in the schools about the importance of the environment. This aspect of the project will include material on global environmental threats as well as an understanding of the local environment and the measures needed protect it.

One of the schools has been selected to carry out a pilot scheme to test the proposal and it is hoped that this will start soon. Investigations are also underway to source the necessary teaching material. A couple of schools have already started to establish small gardens so the prospects are good.

Computers for Schools

The Link has been investigating the possibility of providing a computer for each of the schools in the scholarship project to enhance access to modern teaching material. Computers in schools in Britain have made a vast impact on children’s ability to learn and it is sensible to see if children in Nicaragua can share in this improved access to learning material.

The donation of redundant computers in this country and their transport to Nicaragua is one possible source of supply. However, the cost of transportation is very high and the Link is currently investigating the purchase of equipment in Nicaragua itself. This would avoid the high transport costs and would also assist the local economy. Our local representative is looking into possible sources of supply, and their costs.